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  1. 7 years ago
    Wed Feb 18 00:51:57 2015
    A alex started the conversation Closed forum registration due to SPAM.

    I am closing down forum registration due to SPAM until I will be able to come up with an effective means of combating this activity. Meanwhile, if you need to register, send me an email to alex ( a ) portlandmeshnet.org and I will set you up.

  2. Sun Oct 19 23:28:10 2014
    A alex posted in New Meetup October 29th.

    It seems enough people want to meet up. Some expressed their interest in coming to the Personal Telco Project monthly meetup that I proposed. So lets have a meetup with PTP guys on the 29th of October at Lucky Labrador on SE Hawthorne at 6:30 pm (and try to persuade perhaps?)

  3. Tue Sep 30 23:58:10 2014
    A alex started the conversation New Meetup October 29th.

    There hasn't been much interest in a meetup until recently. We probably might want to schedule something. If anybody is interested in having a meetup, offer a date/time/location. Personal Telco Project has regular meetups. Maybe we can go and crash one of their last-wednesday-of-month meetups?

  4. Mon Jun 30 06:09:48 2014
    A alex posted in July Meetup Scheduling.

    Looks like max has confirmed the space. We are on for a meetup at 209 SW Oak, downtown, at 12 noon on July 6th.

  5. 8 years ago
  6. Tue Jun 24 07:25:57 2014
    A alex started the conversation Open Source Bridge Meshnet Meetup.

    Unfortunately this might be a little late, however, there is going to be a meshnet meetup at Open Source Bridge conference (http://opensourcebridge.org/ ) "Hacker Lounge." PersonalTelco (https://personaltelco.net/ ) will be there along with other conference attendees. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 25th, at 6:30 pm, although, not limited to that time. If you are interested in attending, you need to register for at least a Community Pass (http://opensourcebridge.org/attend ).

    There is also going to be a session about mesh networking (http://opensourcebridge.org/sessions/1418 ) as a part of the conference on June 26, 2014 from 3:45 – 4:30pm.

  7. Tue Jun 24 07:24:08 2014
    A alex posted in Meshnet Access Device.


    This is great. I was going to make a section of the website dedicated to this. Let me know what you need (CMS/etc) and I'll set it up. You can host everything you need here if you want.

    I was building something like this myself but not making much progress due to issues I was having with all my hardware. I was going to post contact info of our group on the banner page (and maybe even provide a form they can submit) to request to be outfitted with a node. Also, I was going to add the ability for people to share their Internet access through the mesh.

  8. Tue Jun 24 04:34:11 2014
    A alex posted in WiFi Hardware Range Testing.

    Thanks for the info, I'll check out Sauvie Island sometime. The issue with the hills and such is the inability to vary the distance easily.

    I've done some tests with Omnitiks and one APC Propeller 5 with stock firmware,

    I recently got the Ubiquiti AirGrid (5 GHz version, 27dBi) which I am itching to test at long ranges.

    I've experimented with OpenWRT a little.
    cjdns is a nice idea but I always have problems with it. It is unusable at the moment. I need to isolate the different bugs and file bug reports sometime.

  9. Sun Jun 22 03:48:20 2014
    A alex posted in July Meetup Scheduling.

    Ok, I think people might have other plans for July 5 weekend. How about a meetup on July 19/20th?

  10. Wed Jun 18 19:05:00 2014

    Many of their members are interested in mesh networking but, as an organization, they have done little to move on this. Or at least that is my impression.

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