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    Mon Jun 30 05:10:07 2014
    M meeki posted in Meshnet Access Device.

    Still working out the bugs.

    Going 32bit only now. 64bit not needed because of ram requirements and simplification of package management. Yes Ive just started work on splitting things off the device like Unbound DNS is now a " ./scripts/feeds " people will only have to add a trusted mirror as soon as we decided who can be trusted :)

    As always Ill be writing howtos so people can view and build there own source.

    Current Build update!

    Fixed no boot prompt.

    Added radvd for IPv6 routing prefixes

    libdamon for my own system login needs. think C!

    libstdcpp for c++

    solved dnmasq-dhcpv6 support.

    Still shooting to keep this sucker under 10megs sitting at 6megs right now.

    Found out about this >>>> Meshnet Access Device http://www.santacruzmesh.net/device.html#meshnetaccessdevice

    Took a look at it and pulled apart what I could in virtualbox. Lead to the boot prompt being fixed by looking at their code.

  2. Tue Jun 24 08:27:07 2014
    M meeki posted in Meshnet Access Device.

    Ya building OpenWRT can be a pain! I still have issues doing it and I spent a good month making a captive portal with it to handle an open wireless network I forward to I2P https://geti2p.net/en/

    As for hosting a node that would be a bad idea for me due to location (139th SE Portland). Its in the flat land.

    However I think my dad, that lives on the side of a big hill in Gresham (looks down on the whole town and the main city park) ,will let me put what ever I want up there. I get up there to clean the gutters for him as he cant do it any more and I could just put it up then :)

  3. Tue Jun 24 06:09:03 2014
    M meeki started the conversation Meshnet Access Device.

    I have started work on building a OpenWRT luci-cjdns CaptivePortal Meshnet Access Device.

    Right now im only building 64 & 32 bit virtualbox versions but if you want a build for a specific device jsut ask or build it yourself with the directions below.

    I wanted to assign an extra ssid on my wifi AP and then VLAN it directly to a Virtualbox running the meshnet access device with a captive portal to tell users what they are connecting to. Then I can also run another ssid to connect cjdns to another wifi user running a meshtnet in my area.

    Prebuild notes:

    Running copy of Linux
    Ability to solve dependences you may need during the build process.
    Know how to use CLI


    #Create a folder you want to work in
    #Open a terminal and navigate to folder you just created
    #Clone a copy of openwrt

    git clone git://git.openwrt.org/openwrt.git

    #Navigate into openwrt folder

    cd openwrt

    #Create the feeds.conf

    cp feeds.conf.default feeds.conf

    #Add seattlemeshnet meshbox to the feeds

    echo 'src-git meshbox git://github.com/seattlemeshnet/meshbox.git' >> feeds.conf

    #Update feeds

    ./scripts/feeds update

    #Install luci-cjdns

    ./scripts/feeds install luci-cjdns

    # Install nodogsplash

    ./scripts/feeds install nodogsplash

    #At this point add any more feeds you want to install. Use the 'list' option to see them all.

    #Now it time to configure your image

    make menuconfig

    #Enable the luci-cjdns module
    LuCI -> Project Meshnet -> [*] luci-cjdns

    #Enable the WifiDog module
    Network -> Captive Portals -> <*> nodogsplash

    #Make sure you pick the system your building for
    #You can also build a Virtualbox vdi by secting the option as well
    #I like to enable most of the LuCI stuff

    #When you done configing the build they way you like, save it, and then exit

    #Save the config for make

    make defconfig

    #Time to make
    #You can just enter:


    #If you have multiple cores you can also speed the process up a tad with:

    make -j 4

    #I like to use make V=s so i can fix any thing that may fail.

    make V=s

    This will take some time. Allot if you have a older CPU.
    Be ready to fix any dependences you may be missing for the build process.

    If your building a Virtualbox vdi it can be found in the 'build_dir_you_made'/openwrt/bin/'build type'/*.vdi

    Customizing the system:

    After you boot up the build you may want to tweek some things
    Check out http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/techref/preinit_mount
    Also you can change the default banner. It located in /etc/banner
    I do most my editing by mounting the vdi created to another Virtualbox running linux.

    I'll be posting the 64 and 32 bit builds in a day or so.
    I'm new face to the group here so in the banner page when its running I'm calling it:
    for now. But if ya all like it an want me to keep making builds I'll call it what ever you want. I'll be showing up to the july meeting.
    I am curently running a build with some other stuff I want like Unbound, http://www.unbound.net/ but I'm sure you will all sort out what you want me to build on the Device.

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