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  1. 5 years ago
    Tue Jun 17 19:53:32 2014
    A alex posted in July Meetup Scheduling.

    Would July 4/5/6th or July 12/13th work better for people?

  2. Tue Jun 17 19:50:28 2014
    A alex started the conversation WiFi Hardware Range Testing.

    I do many tests with hardware, however, it is difficult to do range tests in random locations. It would be nice to know a good spot where one could test ranges of various devices. A flat empty elongated area of many miles in length (such as an abandoned airport or something) would be nice to have access to. Would anybody know of such a place in the Portland area by any chance?

  3. Tue Jun 17 19:45:14 2014

    As far as I understand, PTP provides APs preloaded with their specialized firmware (based on OpenWRT or something) to businesses/organizations who want to host free WiFi at their locations. Those users don't really care about mesh networks, they care more about giving free Internet access via WiFi to their patrons. They certainly would NOT be interested in giving free Internet access to somebody on the proposed PDX mesh net (or at lease most of them). They might, however, be interested in using somebody's gateway to the Internet that might exist on the mesh net.

    Regarding the quality of service, this is a valid point. However, I believe this should be handled by the routing protocol and software. For example, I believe OLSR takes into account the quality of links when computing routing tables. Once mesh networks start to become the norm, the protocol that is the most robust and the least pain-free will be adopted. I don't see QoS as being a core problem once good solutions are implemented and all the bugs are worked out.

  4. Tue Jun 17 19:31:00 2014
    A alex posted in July Meetup Scheduling.

    People have previously expressed interest in meeting on the weekends, so, I think this is what we should do.

  5. Fri Jun 13 20:40:17 2014
    A alex posted in July Meetup Scheduling.

    Thank you for offering your location! Lets meet there in July. How easy is it to get into the building?

  6. Fri Jun 13 20:38:41 2014

    Thanks for the info.

    Companies like Stephouse might actually be interested in helping us because it would provide almost free infrastructure to sell Internet access.

    I don't yet see how PTP would extract benefit from such a network (they only provide hardware/software to users who want to host free wifi), although, their users might find the network useful.

  7. Tue Jun 10 04:45:34 2014
    A alex started the conversation July Meetup Scheduling.

    It seems people are interested in a new meetup sooner rather than later.
    Everyone who are interested, you are welcome to comment on best date, time and location that suits you. This meetup should probably be of indoor type (no hardware/range testing).

  8. Tue Jun 10 04:33:28 2014
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